Sublimation Ink Dispersions Disperse Ink Dispersions For Making High Quality Dye Sublimation Inkjet Inks.
Reactive Ink Colors Reactive Dye Solutions Reactive Dye Inks
Ultra Fine Pigment Dispersions Pigment Disperions Nano dispersed pigment dispersions for digital pigment inks.
Digital Textile Printing Inks DTP Inkjet Inks High quaity dye sublimation inks,reactive inks,pigment inks for digital textile printing.

Jetdyes™ is a brand of ultra fine color dispersions for making digital textile printing inks includiing dye sublimation inks,reactive inks and pigment inks. Jetdyes™ ultra fine dye and pigment dispersions are produced by Jetcolour and dedicated in serving digital inkjet ink industries. With Jetdyes' ultra fine dye and pigment dispersions, customers can save a lot of milling time and easily produce high quality digital textile printing inks.

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